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Astrologer Profile

Astrologer Arunkumar Raval Ph.D. in Astrology, is most prominent, renowned scientific astrologer.He has acquired degree of jyotish Acharya with Gold Medal.

He is leading consultant/counselor for individuals to give accurate advise to solve issues using simple and effective remedies.

Appraised by
Bruhad Gujarat astrological society,
Vendang Jyotish Mahavidyalaya,
All India astrologers federation,
Akhil bharatiya sarsvati jyotish manch & other Astrological Societies.

He is Practicing Astrology and palmistry from last 32 years. (since 1980)

He is Honoured by Sh. Bejan Daruwala ( Renowned international astrologer), Sh. S S KhandVawala (DGP Gujarat state), Dr. R C Garg (Ex joint secretary of space scientists of ISRO.

His valuable research-oriented articles are published in “Sacharachar Panchang” and Jyotish magazine “Bhavishya Nidan” to create Awareness amongst the public at large. see Articles.

He has started doing research in woman’s fertility, medical astrology, longevity area.

He lectures on Palmistry, Vedic astrology, Vastu, Fengshui, Numerology, Astrology and Ayurveda, Past births, different remedies to improve. He has also studied naturopathy, ayurved, Pantanjali’s astang yoga, 108 upanishad, important part of four Vedas. He has also studied concept of different religions.

Life Slogan is: Accept the self, accept others and accept the world. God is owner of the world and thou have made everything with perfect system. Enjoy everything given by God but never think permanent ownership of anything

He believes that Nature has given three equal factors to enjoy human life.
1. Fate or destiny at the time of birth with specific tendencies.Strength and weakness to react in different events of life.
2. Freewill to react positively or negatively.
3. Environment of surrounding from where support and obstruction possible.
Whichever factor is used by person for progress, It will give perfect results. If person work hard with positive attitude, seek appropriate support and remove obstructions than results will also accordingly.

Time to sow, time for growth and time to reap may depend on Fate (past karma) and effort in time (existing karma)

If all three will be used in their favorable time, Maximum benefits can be availed. If all three factors are favorable, person may reach at highest destination.

Degrees and awards

He passed examinations and achieved degree of Ph.D. Jyotish Acharya, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Ratna, Vastu Visharad in Astrology.

He has also received award and honored with more than 20 titles, Namely a few like “Padma Shri”, “Jyotish Vidhata”, “Jyotish Maharshi” ,”Jyotish Samrat, ,”Jyotish Dipak”, “Jyotish Sarsvati”, “Siddhant Ratna”, “Jyotish Shiromani”, “Jyotish Ratnamani”, “Vidhi Devagna” etc.

He has also learned Nadi Astrology, Bhrigu Saral Paddhati and krishna Murti Paddhati for prediction.

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