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Astrology – A Great Noble Science

07 Jun Posted by in Astrology | 2 comments
Astrology – A Great Noble Science

Astrology – A Great Noble Science

There are nine planets, twelve houses and twenty seven Nakshatras governing the horoscope of a person, which forms the base of giving all type of predictions in a persons horoscope made on the basis of his time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. Each house represents scores of things or events in a person’s life.

Any thing and every thing can be predicted based on the planetary positions in the horoscope.


This science of Astrology reveals every aspect of a person’s life as soon as he or she takes birth on the basis of the horoscope prepared at the time of birth.

At that moment of time he or she sleeps for most of time doing nothing. But with the aid of astrological horoscope every thing can be predicated. For example, mental health, agonies, nature in great details. Similarly, health, disease, accident etc. which will overtake him and what care and caution has to be taken are all correctly predicted. Persons rise, growth, finance, life style, set backs, married life, divorce, name, Fame, children that is, every thing is correctly predicted at the time of birth itself governing future in all respects.

It is astounding that this Scientific Astrology can reveal every thing at a time when the newly born is doing nothing. This is the beauty of this science that identifies the destiny of a person for all times to come from the birth till death in all aspects. When it comes 100% true then comes the truth that destiny is pre-determined at the time of birth and cannot be changed by any means unless the person taken rebirth. When the person grows in age and start working, and the things happen in the same very as predicted at the time of birth, then it can be assuredly understood that destiny in all respects was sealed for all times to come i.e. predetermined at the time of birth. Even mode of death can be correctly predicted i.e. long term, slow or instant death through accident, massive heart attack or even by murder. Nothing can be changed.

This science is defamed and harmed by so called astrologers who with little knowledge of this vast science prescribe gems, Rudraksh, tantra, mantra etc. to overcome or reduce the evils and charge fantastic sum of money. Are they Gods? Can they change the planets of a person’s horoscope and change the destiny? Not at all. They are human beings. Why do not they change the destiny of his family members, close relatives, avoid diseases, make them rich and avoid death or mode of death. I am a scientist and scholar.

I chose the subject Astrology as I saw it, found it and experienced it. Earlier various astrologers were propagating various methods to remove of cure the evil by means of tantra, mantra, wearing stories, worshiping Gods, etc as if they are Gods in the form of human being.

Every body makes effort except insane person. It is the luck factor governed by planets is the chart he would become Bill gates from nobody, the richest person or for that matter some one would become Prime Minister etc.

However, this noble science of Astrology gives you vision in all respects and you can make enhance planning. If it is indicated that speculation, gambling or share market is going to give you losses, you can avoid doing so. In certain cases and situation one can make his will, so that there are no disputes. If any, ailment is indicated, are can take timely precautions to avoid suffering. Things would occur but intensity would be reduced. If separation in married life is indicated. The partner can be selected who goes are tours regularly to avoid the crisis and salsify the used of the planets. Planning and guidance are all available along with do’s and don’ts. So this is the beauty of this noble science.



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