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What is choghadia?
It is an auspicious period of the particular day as per Indian astrology belief.
How they are calculated?
They are based on day lord (planet of the day). Day choghadia starts at sunrise time & night choghadia stars at sunset time. They are eight in day and eight in night. First choghadia is day lord of particular day. Next choghadia will be 6th of the previous one. Duration of one choghadia is 1.5 Hrs (90 Minutes).
When it is used?
It is use 1. For starting journey, 2. Sale or buy of items (vehicles using to travel) 3. Pooja, acharna of daities. 4.Good gatherings, social functions, festival celebrations etc.
What is good and bad?
Choghadia Effect Day Lord Related work
Udveg Bad Sun Government related
Amrit Good Moon All
Rog Bad Mars War, Fight
Labh Good Mercury Start new business
Shubh Good Jupiter Pooja, Marriage
Char Good Venus Travel
Kaal Bad Saturn Accumulating wealth

All important works should be commenced during a favorable Choghadiya.

There are seven choghadiyas.

Each day is divided into two parts.

1. Day – It is eight equal part from sunrise to sunset. 2. Night – It is eight equal part from sunset to sunrise.

eight Choghadiyas are in day and eight Choghadiyas ar in Night.