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Color Therapy

Color Therapy - Divine Astro Research
Red Color

Stimulates the sensoric nervous system, takes care of the quick excretion of impurities of the skin, activates the labour of the liver, stimulates the forming of haemoglobin, helps against burning with UV and X-rays.

Orange Color

Has an effect on the breathing system, stimulates the thyroid gland, is spasmolytic, stimulates the breast glands (milk production), stimulates the stomach, supports the nausea (after having consumed food hard to digest), helps when suffering flatulence, stimulates the forming of bones and tissue.

Yellow Color

Has an effect on the motoric and sensoric nervous system,stimulates the lymphatic system, has an effect on the digestive system, helps the digestion, is laxative, helps to regulate the spleen, eliminates worms and parasites, brightens up your mind when depressed.

Green Color

Helps to regulate the cerebral functions, helps the forming of new muscles and tissue, has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect, stimulates the hypophysis.

Helps to relieve itching, activates sweat, slightly calms down, descends high temperature and stops infections, stimulates the epiphysis, increases the vitality and the well-being.

Has a regulating effect on the parathyroid, calms down the breathing, is astringent and styptic, strengthens the immune system (is good for the forming of phagocytes), has an effect of the breast glands and reduces the milk flow, relieves pain and calms down.

Stimulates the spleen, has a tranquillizing effect on the muscle activity including the heart, tranquillizes the nervous system (tranquillizer), helps to form leukocytes.