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Scientific Evidence of Astrology

Scientific evidence validating astrology.

The following are some of the scientific discoveries that have validated astrological concepts:

(1) Serial killers can be identified through a person’s astrological birth chart.

(2) There is a correlation between a person’s chosen profession and their astrological birth chart.

(3) Mental illness can be predicted by astrology.

(4) Fetuses might be affected by the movement of the sun, moon, and planets as they interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field which may have an influence on the fetuses occupation later in life.

(5) Women can use the lunar cycle for purposes of contraception.

(6) Many terrestrial phenomena are influenced by electromagnetic and gravitational effects originating within the solar system.

(7) Sun spot activity affects the molecular structure of water.

(8) Sun spot activity affects the molecular structure of blood.

(9) Potatoes, rats, fiddler crabs, and oysters are all governed by lunar periods.

(10) A theoretical model using principles of mathematics and physics may account for human consciousness and process as it relates to the zodiac.

(11) The concept of karma was demonstrated to be a reality in a study which confirmed that acting selflessly has rewards.

UGC has introduced this in Indian universities

February 23, 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Commission in its meeting held on 16th June, 2000 considered the proposal for setting up of Departments of Vedic Astrology in Indian Universities and decided that “there is an urgent need to rejuvenate the science of Vedic Astrology in India, to allow this scientific knowledge to reach to the so0ciety at large and to provide opportunities to get this important science even exported to the world, the Commission decided to approve ‘in principle’ setting up of few departments of Vedic Astrology in Indian universities. This would provide a exclusive teaching and training in the subject leading to certificate diploma, under-graduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. degrees”.

Accordingly Commission constituted a Committee to examine the details of the proposed scheme. The guidelines drafted by the Committee were placed before the Commission in its meeting held on 25th January 2001. The Commission approved the guidelines and decided that courses should be renamed as “JYOTIR VIGYAN’.

The Universities who are interested and are in a position to start the course from the academic session 2001-2002 are requested to submit their proposal as per the enclosed guidelines latest by 15th March 2001(Now Extended up to 05.05.2001). The syllabus for the courses shall be sent to the selected Universities.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


Encl. As above

The Vice-Chancellor of all Universities receiving financial assistance