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Roughly translated Vastu means land to live on and Shastra has reference to harmony and balance of man with nature. Vastu Shastra teaches us on how we can lay out our house design so that we as human beings can get the maximum benefits of the natural forces given-off by nature. Basically, this system deals with the five elements in Indian Mythology namely, air, water, earth, fire, and sky which are believed to be sources of natural power. Favorable directions are given in chart for placement of different rooms.

Placement directions of rooms:

Drawing room/Hall/ West/ North/
Kitchen South East
Bathroom East & North West
Bedroom South & West
Dining West/South/North
Food storage rooms North West & South West
Treasury money and jewels North
Garage South West
Pooja room North East Diagonal
nstruments and machinery West/West /South
Wardrobes North East Corners